Eddie's 1100 Rebuild

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Re: Eddie's 1100 Rebuild

Postby Swampy » 21 Aug 2019, 11:19

Well I bet that you will get more miles out of it than me this year...I have been to busy renovating our bathroom and bedroom and I think that i've done less than 200 miles on mine so far this year :oops:
I'm off from work from next week for two weeks so hoping to get out on it then, well fingers crossed anyway.. All depends if I start the hallway & stairs :-O
Anyway its looking good eddie, keep up the good work :D
Swamps :)
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Re: Eddie's 1100 Rebuild

Postby alanfsz » 21 Aug 2019, 18:38

Wow cant wait to see this in the flesh superb job Eddie
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Re: Eddie's 1100 Rebuild

Postby Eddie » 30 Sep 2019, 00:20

bit of an overdue update, but thanks for the comments guys it is looking really good. I must admit I've slacked off a bit knowing the zephyr won't be going on the road for quite a while now what with the weather turning rubbish, and it's just not worth me getting it road legal for winter.

Anyway it's finally back on two wheels, I re sprayed and polished the back wheel, I couldn't get all the dings and marks out of the rim but it looks ok, fitted the sprocket rear disc etc. I need to make up a brake hose for the under slung calliper as it needs to be longer and drill and tap on some brake hose clips on the torque arm . Still lots of little jobs to do but she's looking great :) :)




:D :D
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Re: Eddie's 1100 Rebuild

Postby Swampy » 30 Sep 2019, 11:14

Eddie, you're right it is looking great and totally with you for not getting it done now, pretty pointless unless we have a heatwave this winter, and that wont be happening :o
I'll be giving it a month and ill be sticking my bike in its plastic bag until April time next year :cry:
I would like to get out on it at least once more this year if I can, I've manage to do 225 miles on it so far :o

Anyway keep up the good work and thanks for the update :D
Swamps :)
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Re: Eddie's 1100 Rebuild

Postby Ivor » 03 Oct 2019, 22:54

looking good , and a great job on them wheels :)
i hate being bipolar its awesome :/
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