Fish's 1992 750C Engine Rebuild and Other Goodies

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Re: Fish's 1992 750C Engine Rebuild and Other Goodies

Postby Fishrider » 23 Sep 2020, 15:51

A few other bits:
I wish I had taken pictures of the fuel float gauge. It had rusted out the contact that is attached to the wrapped wire. This was from the float sitting for years with fuel in tank. I cleaned it up, and cut a new contact and re-soldered the tiny wire. It was a real pain in the ass, but better then spending $120 for a new float. Although, considering all the other expense, that was small potatoes. I was just proud of myself for fixing it.

I polished some aluminum.
Polish 1.png

Polish 2.png

I had to order a new top run for the front brake line. The new handle bar position required a shorter run.

I took apart the carburetor to clean it up. I had a carb service done when I first bought the bike. So it was pretty clean, but I did end up fitting new o-rings to the air and fuel fittings. One of the pilot jets was missing its o-ring and washer, or maybe they fell on the garage floor and disappeared. :( I had an o-ring, but needed to order a washer.

Carb Clean.png

Things left to do:
- I am waiting on new cable parts to complete all new runs. The new handle bar position and controls required new cables.
- I have parts to service the front brake calipers.
- Need to set the new chain. Turns out the output shaft of the 550 and front sprocket lines up perfectly with the back sprocket. Checked it with a laser. No offset sprocket needed.
- Ordered new spark plugs.
- Once carb is back together, I can run the fuel and air system. Dialing in the carb is an x-factor for sure.
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Re: Fish's 1992 750C Engine Rebuild and Other Goodies

Postby Fishrider » 20 Oct 2020, 02:10

So, I finally got to point where I could start this bike. Pushed the start button, nothing. First thing I did was pull the starter. Turned out I had the plastic piece that holds the positive brushes was backwards. Which meant the positive bolt was touching the casing. So I got it back together and bench tested it. Installed and still nothing. Turns out bad battery. Fixed that. Then no gas in the bowls. After checking the petcock and then sucking on both the fuel and the vacuum line at the same time I got a mouthful of gas. Gas is good. Then I check spark. No spark. Realized I didn't hook up +12V to the coils. Diagram issue. Now I have spark and gas. Pretty sure air is okay. Engine will not run. What should I be looking for next? Note that all of my security and safety features are disabled.
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