Eddie's 1100 Rebuild

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Re: Eddie's 1100 Rebuild

Postby Swampy » 03 Jan 2019, 11:02

Happy new Year Eddie :D

Tank is looking good mate, you've done a good job there, will you be painting yourself or sending it away to the paint shop?
What about colour, will you be stinking to a standard colour or will you be going wild on this one :o
Swamps :)
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Re: Eddie's 1100 Rebuild

Postby Eddie » 07 Jan 2019, 01:45

Happy new year Swamps :D

Still not 100% sure on a colour yet , but I'm thinking of sticking with it's original blue, but in a custom candy style, something just a little different......but then again I'm still liking Purple :shock: !!! who knows! it will be sprayed by a professional shop though :)

Started stripping and cleaning the carbs today, I know they're pretty clean already as I've done them a few times over the years!, I want to check the jet sizes etc as I'm switching to pod filters and will probably have to change a few of them to get some base settings before it goes on the dyno.


cheers eddie
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