550 Viton Clutch Dampers

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550 Viton Clutch Dampers

Postby Turbosteve » 30 Jul 2018, 14:51

Thanks to all those who have purchased my 750 Viton clutch dampers.

KZ550 KZ750 Viton Dampers.jpg
550 Viton Dampers are pictured on the left. 750 on the right.

I recently added Viton dampers for the 550. They are in stock and available for shipping.

Cost is $45 US per set of six. US shipping is $7.15 via Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box. This includes tracking and insurance.

Canada: $24.95 US for PMSFRB. $9.50 for parcel post.

Overseas shipping (which I would assume is most of you) is either $14 US for economy (They say two weeks, but it can take up to a month or more), or $33.95 for Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box (6 - 10 business days).

If you'd like to order a set or two do the math and PayPal the appropriate funds to turbosteve84 “at” verizon.net (the “at,” of course, is “@”). Note that if you choose PMSFRB I can fit up to five sets in a box.

Then send me your email address so I can contact you directly.

Thanks again,
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Re: 550 Viton Clutch Dampers

Postby ZR468 » 07 Aug 2018, 14:24

Turbosteve, I have a 1992 ZR750C. Other members of this forum has been super helpful. I am contemplating to overhaul the dampener in the clutch basket. I found the clutch removal instructions in the Haynes manual and the OEM service manual. But not so much on the replacement of these dampeners.
Do you have any written instructions on replaceing these pieces or can you point me to the right direction to find the instructions.
Thank you in advance. Kenny
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