E10 petrol

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E10 petrol

Postby zep93 » 16 Aug 2018, 07:06

My country is starting to sell new bio petrol. Soon regular 95 will be E10, that means it has 10% ethanol mixed into petrol. I know that old rubber hoses and seals do not last with this mixture. I also know that most of car producers started to use E10 resistant rubber parts already in 1992. I looked at Zephyr user manual and there is nowhere mentioned anything regarding this type of petrol.

So do you know is it safe to use this new petrol on our old bikes? Mine is from 1993.

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Re: E10 petrol

Postby Freddy » 16 Aug 2018, 09:50

As an overarching statement, ethanol based fuel should never be used in a carburetor engine.

The carburetor was jetted on the basis of 100% gasoline. There are no oxygen molecules in pure gasoline (chemical formula C8H18). On the other hand ethanol contains oxygen (C2H6O). Substitute ethanol for petroleum in the fixed fuel/air ratio supplied by a carburetor, as you've just introduced more oxygen, viola .... leaner mixture.

These bikes were jetted just about as lean as possible to begin with. Stick in a fuel that makes them even leaner ..... In the very few times I've been forced to use E10 in my 750 the drop in performance and smooth running is significant and immediately noticeable. While E10 is common here, its still not difficult to find non ethanol fuel.

So, is it safe to use, IMO yes. Is the bike going to run like crap, yes.
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Re: E10 petrol

Postby ZR468 » 16 Aug 2018, 15:02

I too was concerned about running the ZR with the "up to 10% ethanol" gas here in North America. But there is no other choice. My understanding is that ethanol leaves a residual on the engine parts. The newer engines, car or motorcycle has a coating on the parts to resist the collection of this residual. The guy in the bike shop recommended this stuff ( see picture) to clean out the engine. I use it in every 3rd or 4th tank of gas. My bike runs well.
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