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Posting images

Postby ZoneAdmin » 06 Sep 2017, 11:38

I've increased the uploaded image limit to 5MB. A thumbnail image will be shown in your post, which can be clicked on to see the original image.

I'm investigating auto-resizing of images during upload, but this may take a while.
Until then, you will have to resize photos that are larger than 5MB.


1> Below the message area, click on the Upload Attachment tab.
2> Click the Browse button and find your image file
3> Click 'Add the file' button to upload your image
4> If you want the image to appear in your post (instead of a link below your post), click the 'Place Inline' button
5> Code similar to this will be inserted at the cursor:
Code: Select all

You can move this using Cut/Paste if you need it in a different part of your post.
6> When you 'Submit' your post, a thumbnail image will be created.

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