Hi - New here..

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Hi - New here..

Postby Cybaajak » 15 Jun 2018, 15:00

Short time lurker. Read a post two days ago about Zephyrs being taxed or Sorned and now I can't find it. Someone exclaimed they didn't know Kawasaki Zephyr 400's were a thing and I came here to assure the unbeliever they most certainly are !

Backstory. Aged 57, been riding since 1983, and to my chagrine and in complete candour, my first bike was a Honda CB250N. Registration ending in V. Yes, this is the Zephyr Zone I know but its my story. Divorced 2016 and at a loose end, I literally took a friends advice on a cold dark friday night down the pub in January 2017, when he exclaimed wtf am I still doing here in the UK. Money in the bank, no responsibility, no job, yet not in paradise.. Saturday morning with a headache the google search used the words '10 best beaches in the world'.. Boracay was number 6 and was situated in... the philippines. 24 hours later, numerous google searches and a 1 way ticket to Dumaguete was paid for. I can hear you ask.. Boracay is not Dumaguete.. Notwithstanding the recent events where the Philippine President closed the whole of Boracay Island due ot a hotel / holiday hotspot / sewage problem, my over riding concern was not sand and sea but a roof, aircon, and cheap accomodation was 1st on my list. Go on, do a Sherlock yourself. Look online for renting accomodation in the philippines.. Boracay is hellish expensive, Dumaguete is not. Upon arriving, and promptly melting in March 2017, going from barely 6 degrees during the day to 30+ at fucking night takes some getting used too. Anyway, the people are friendly, coconut trees and banana trees everywhere. Fresh Mangoes to die for. Gin at 3 quid a litre, and nightclubz at my age. Yes i know. I'm not proud but it was all in the name of science and research ! Honest. The place is called WhyNot, lazor lights, smoke machine, a throbbing beat, but I digress...Anyway, I settled in, found a bar for daytime called Flip Flops, found several places for food and stuff and realised I needed transport. The internet here in the Philippines is the worst I have ever used. Pre 1998 dial up was faster in the UK back then, but I had to make do. Everything here is strangled on the internet apart from Facebook, which, strangely enough is boosted to ridiculous levels of fast. And so.. using a combination of ruthlessly fast and crippling slow I found a Kawasaki Zephyr 400 C2, built 1991,imported from Japan in 2005, with 4 carefull owners since then, and one of whom is responsible for disconnecting the worm drive inside the speedometer for the miles travelled. Yes I paid over the odds. Yes I regret the purchase. Yes it lasted a while before breaking down and has been in that state of not working since the middle of september last year. Suffering from cutting out, leaking fuel, a loud knocking at idle low down on the left side, it has been a pain in my arse for months, bless it. Only having a side stand support, no garage, a lack of tools initially but I'm getting there.. an aching back (oh god my back.. ) skinned knuckles and a clutch cable that hates me because the carbs are forever getting fitted and removed, a crucifyingly slow internet for all things like instructions, drawings, part numbers and ebay.. I have come to the conclusion that, whilst I love the challenge, it is too much for me. I'm taking it to a mate called Mike, who lives in Puerto Galera, Philippines, but comes from Yorkshire, the first week of July. I could tell you all the stories of Ebay, USPS, Airfreight getting lost in Manila in November, getting found in December, then promptly getting misplaced in the christmas parcels till the end of January but going over that will only make me drink more. Again.

So yes. There is such a thing as a Kawasaki Zephyr 400. I've got 1. If I had not been mugged, stabbed and had my phone stolen along with my watch I could have posted pictures of it. I'm staying in Cebu, and at the moment the bike is in Iloilo City. In 2 weeks its getting moved to a guy who, by all intents and purposes, knows he can fix it. I'll get pictures then. If you want.
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Re: Hi - New here..

Postby Richard » 16 Jun 2018, 11:45

And what a story that is :!:
At least you know to write entertaining stories. love to see more coming ;)

Good luck with the repairs, hope it will work out fine.
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Re: Hi - New here..

Postby Hungry Wilf » 20 Jun 2018, 19:42

Love it :D especially that bit about the 250N, which is the reason I've never owned a Honda. Pearl Harbour is one thing, the Superdream is another....!
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