Airbox covers

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Airbox covers

Postby Raven » 28 Jul 2018, 07:29

Hi All

Been gradually tinkering away with the 1100 Zephyr since getting her back from the dealers for the jammed in gear problem.

I'm slowly getting her back to her original factory look and picked up a couple of used airbox covers. But when I came to fit them they seem to small and wont fit. I contacted the seller (in Germany) and have been assured they are the correct ones (see pics). As far as I can see my bike has the correct airbox fitted all numbers on it seem to tie up with photos I've found online.

So my question is are there different size airbox covers for the Zephyr 1100.

Thanks again for your input :) :)



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Re: Airbox covers

Postby Freddy » 28 Jul 2018, 08:28

Hi Raven,
For questions like 'do models all use the same part' etc. or even what other models use XYZ part number ..... I find two web sites invaluable.

The first is Consolidated Motor Spares (CMS). Their web site is Find you make/model/year on this site, and then using the parts schematics you can compare the part numbers used in various year to see if changes were made. But just be aware a different part number may just be a manufacturing identification, and the parts may be completely interchangeable (or not). It isn't conclusive, but its a strong guide.

The other web site I use a lot is Partzilla in the USA. The beauty of this site is that once you know a part number you can key into into their search function, and it'll tell you where that part was used in any model imported into the USA. They don't display where it was used in non USA models. I find it really useful. Just knowing a certain part is still being used in recent models (surprising how much is) I find useful as a guide to future availability.

Anyhow, can't answer your specific question but from CMS you shold be easily able to see if the same part number was used for all years.
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Re: Airbox covers

Postby Greenzephyr » 24 Aug 2018, 18:47

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