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Re: The colour purple!

24 Aug 2018, 02:49

Eddie wrote:you wouldn't put a fairing on an original Z900 surely, and if you did you should be shot!! :)

sorry fairing lovers!!

What about the Goose and Toecutter bikes? Those are properly bad ass!

Re: The colour purple!

24 Aug 2018, 12:40

Eddie wrote:I'm not a fan of bikini fairings myself, well not fitted to naked bikes anyway, if a bike is designed with one from new then fair enough as it will look right and probably work quite well too the Kawasaki ZRX it looks great, but a fairing stuck on a Zephyr? why would you....you wouldn't put a fairing on an original Z900 surely, and if you did you should be shot!! :)

If you don't like them fine. But the 'purist' logic doesn't stack up.

Heaps of bikes (of all makes) in the 70's has small farings fitted as aftermarket equipment. Some of the restored Ducati's, BMW's, and Kawasaki's done today in that style look fantastic, IMO.




Re: The colour purple!

24 Aug 2018, 23:08

It's all down to personnel taste, each to their own etc, but for what it's worth in my opinion all those three bikes above would look far nicer without a fairing :) . what I was getting at is bikes look best how they were originally styled be that with or without fairings so however well a fairing or body kit is styled painted and fitted, it will never look as good as the original bike /car or whatever it is fitted to. Hence why you shouldn't put a fairing on a Z900 the same as you wouldn't put a body kit on a Ferrari.

But that's just my view!

ummm lovely!!!
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Re: The colour purple!

25 Aug 2018, 00:06

Larry02ACR » Today, 00:29


Don't know if you would consider it sacrilege, but Honda has a beautiful purplish burgundy called Burgundy Night Pearl that has a great flop in the sun. It's another that looks really dark in the shadows but pops in sunlight.

I don't mind where it comes from if it looks good :) and agree if you can get a paint from an existing vehicle it makes future repairs easier. I found this though, its called Black cherry pearl and looks incredible.....but expensive I'm guessing!


And yes Goose and toecutters Z1000's did look bad ass, one of my favourite films!!
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