6 day tour

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Re: 6 day tour

Postby Freddy » 09 Oct 2019, 23:16

David Richard wrote:hi fredy that would age any person on two wheels ,what you need a kenworth scania with bull bars i wont complain about phesants or the odd dear that pulls that stunt ,david

You can minimize the risk to some degree by not being on the road first/last light or night. While these roads don't see a lot of traffic, enough to scare most of the roos back away from the road during daylight hours.

I must admit I wasn't overly impressed the second day that had us arriving at our planned stop point near dark. I can blame the ride organizer for too long a day, but suppose not for the severity of the roo danger because she won't have realized the conditions.

You see the effect of the current drought on TV and think you have some idea. When you see it in for real, totally different. Hundreds of mile of paddocks that look like a quarry. At least we can think we helped some by bringing a bit of business to the affected areas. One of the TV stations is running just that theme. Government help is so bureaucratic as to be useless to those on the farm needing help. They are promoting take a holiday, even just a weekend, in the affected areas. Farmers wife probably works at the shops in town (which are also struggling) etc. so it does help.
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