considering a zephyr 750. some questions

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Re: considering a zephyr 750. some questions

Postby Freddy » 08 Nov 2019, 00:54

bubba_zanetti wrote:I'm in USA. i understand it was imported from 91 to 92 in the USA. I'm not confusing the later yearmodels with a ZR7 at all. Stricly zephyr 750. I understand it was made in japan until 2006 or 2008. Reason I ask is because for the price some people want for a cleaner one here I'm thinking i might be better off just importing a newer one from japan for around the same price.

Be interesting to see if it can be done. I wouldn't be surprised if emissions were a sticking point.

It's not viable where I live, as the Government has outsourced the accreditation process for imported second hand vehicles. Who did they outsource it to? The very people who import second hand vehicles as a business.

So if you try and do it privately (having to use the accreditation crew) they make it so difficult and expensive in order to eliminate competition to their own imported vehicles it just isn't viable.
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Re: considering a zephyr 750. some questions

Postby bubba_zanetti » 10 Nov 2019, 00:59

as far as i understand, for usa as long as its 25 years old its good to go. Canada its 15 years.

so for usa, i guess newest for now would be 1995

one would have to remove that rev limiter from a japanese model though.
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