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paint codes ?

12 Oct 2020, 22:35

as the header says any one got the paint codes for the air box covers and the engine ?

any help ?

Re: paint codes ?

15 Oct 2020, 17:46


I might be wrong, but when I tried to get some paint for my engine and frame there was nothing available from kawasaki themselves and I don't believe they ever did any.

Your best bet is to get a auto paint sprayer or supplier to match it. Maybe someone on here has had more joy?
I used halfords silver engine paint which isn't bad, and BMW cosmic black metallic for my 1100 frame touch up... Which looks ok to my bad eyes!!

Cheers eddie

Re: paint codes ?

16 Oct 2020, 13:13

Hi Sorry should have said its for the 550

also if the codes aren't available does any one recommend an engine paint which isn't to far from the standard .

I'm just starting to work on the girlfriends bike just a cosmetic clean up really as its a solid machine with only 20,000 on the clock.

Thanks again for any help
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