HELP Zephyr 750 1991 - GPZ - KZ 750 interchangeability

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HELP Zephyr 750 1991 - GPZ - KZ 750 interchangeability

Postby Rage » 25 Mar 2020, 04:23

Hello everyone! i just buy a Zephyr 750 1991 but i need the generator cover and the points (pulse) cover too, maybe the stator and flywheel (magneto), the pulse one is interchangeable wiyh gpz and kz from the 80's, but i wonder if the generator cover is the same? I read than is almost the same engine than KZ with few changes, but anyone knows if KZ 750 generator cover, stator and flywheel will fit on my Zephyr?? I'm in México and is really hard to find the Zephyr ones, but KZ parts are available.

A guy from Spain tells me that GPZ generator cover from the 80's will fit, GPZ fits KZ too right? so i assume both are compatible... can you help me with this issue? zephyr.jpg zephyr generator cover.jpg kz750.jpg

Thanks in advance for the help
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Re: HELP Zephyr 750 1991 - GPZ - KZ 750 interchangeability

Postby hugojose » 26 Mar 2020, 09:09

Read the serial number on the clutch casings. Start with a KZ750xxxxxxxxx is KZ750 series motocycle , but it sold for 30 years in different versions and slightly modified over the years, as nothing stands still. The GPZ was simply a factory hot rodded version, the Zephyr was a 'retro' version later on. The cases probably are bolt-on but the ignition systems changed over the years, and no doubt the alternator power went up also. It's been a long run.
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