Exhaust Header Removal

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Re: Exhaust Header Removal

Postby Swampy » 23 Mar 2021, 09:48

Eddie wrote:You'll be fine swamps, give em a good dose of wd40 the night before and use a quality socket or spanner that's a good tight fit and undo them all evenly working back and forth till their all off together. You won't need any gasket sealants the copper rings will be fine, just tighten all the nuts evenly a bit at a time so the headers are pulled in squarely. From memory I don't think there is a torque setting for the nuts, but basically they don't need to be super tight, think spark plugs! Tight enough to squish the copper gasket... But don't murder it!

Good luck can't wait to see it,

Cheers eddie

Thanks eddie, good advice as always, the bike is still in its bag at the mo, will be getting it out very soon....
The reason why i need to wait is that I've been asked by some to do a new YouTube vid getting it out and getting it ready, started etc..... need to wait until I've got a spare day :lol:
I will also be doing the oil, filter, air filters and a few other bits to it, i ordered some engine dampers for it as they are the original's, but only the inner ones turned up, outer ones are on backorder, hopefully not to long... when its up and running I'll stick the new exhaust on it.
Swamps :)
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