Slipping Out of Gear After 3-4K rpms

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Re: Slipping Out of Gear After 3-4K rpms

Postby Fishrider » 24 Aug 2018, 18:37

DaftRusty wrote:Simply put, If I was in your spot, I wouldn't hesitate to buy this case to do the swap.

Thanks, for the input. I was leaning this direction after doing a bunch more reading. I think the mounts will be a slight issue as well, but I will find out. Since I am cracking the engine, I may tinker a bit. This has become a full engine rebuild at this point. I was researching the 810 kit, and may even attempt the elusive 6th gear. At the vary least I will have the old case to play in to see what my issues might be. I figure between the two cases, and all the stock parts I will be able to do what I want. I got the whole winter now to fix this bike up. Probably start a new thread to document the challenges in case someone else decides they need or want to attempt a similar project.
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Re: Slipping Out of Gear After 3-4K rpms

Postby DaftRusty » 24 Aug 2018, 23:07

I for one, am eager to learn any of the differences (if any) between the kz and the Zephyr mounting points so the rumors can be either proved or dispelled.

Food for thought..... I also upgraded to a 2000+ zr-7s (zr750h) sprag starter clutch, primary chain and higher volume oil pump. All of those item are a direct bolt on to a zephyr/kz/gpz motor.
Kawasaki changed the starter clutch as the old roller style was super prone to failure, and sometimes you can find a zr-7 starter clutch assembly cheaper on ebay than you can buy a rebuild kit for the roller type. ( you almost always have to buy the roller block and sprocket as they all wear and replacing the rollers and springs only never seems to work.)
The zr-7 primary chains are slightly beefier in construction and don't stretch as much so they don't rattle as much.
I also went with 810cc pistons and the only mod I didn't get to do was use 1982 gpz750 piston-squirter-connecting rods. They were a one year only connecting rod, but Kawasaki stopped using them for fear of not enough oil pressure. The zr-7 high volume oil pump takes care of that. But those are very hard to find and the rod bearings are one year only, so they are kind of expensive.
I can go on and on. but I will wait until you start a separate engine build thread.
You can read more about what I did here if you want to some research.... ... -resto-mod
Somebody is selling everything you need....and way it may not be a great deal... ... 5328!US!-1

Hope this helps.
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