Hot start issue

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Hot start issue

Postby Philbo » 01 Jul 2021, 15:11

Hi All, I had an issue with my 1992 750 starting last week. I was on a tour with some mates and had ridden 550km over the first two days. Day 3 was about 200km and one part was a climb with a lot of low gear bends. Anyway, after this cli\mb, I pulled over to take some pictures and turned the bike off.
It then refused to start, even with a bump. It appeared to have no spark.
Seat off and tank loosened, checked the leads into the distributor (or whatever passes for this) with no issue. tried starting and it was fine.

Didn't have another issue for the rest of the trip but have just now had an issue where it felt like it was struggling for fuel - similar to when the fuel tap needs switching to reserve,.

Some thoughts from my mates were possible overheating of the HT leads/distributor but I'm unsure.

Anyone come across similar issues?
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Re: Hot start issue

Postby Freddy » 02 Jul 2021, 05:17

I had similar sounding issues a couple times a little while back. Removed the tank and completely drained it, even taking the fuel tap assembly to shake ever drop out of the tank. Them blew compressed air through the tank for about 30 minutes to completely dry it out. Refitted and refilled with complete new fuel from the service station. Problem hasn't returned.

However, just this week-end gone I washed the bike ready for the Sunday group ride, just before they introduced a covid lock-down for the whole of Sydney for a handful of positive test results, that was the end of the ride. I checked the bike would start after washing it, not having been ridden for a couple weeks, and it started fine. Put it back in the shed, and decided to restart it again, and it wouldn't start. Full choke, no choke full throttle .... nothing would make it fire. Had just started pull the spark plugs out to check for spark, and noticed the headlight was on, so turned the ignition key off (headlight goes out, and is wired here not to come on till the engine fires) and on again, stuck the plug lead back on and the bike instantly starts. At this stage I'm thinking maybe sometimes the aftermarket ignition switch had failed to make contact with one of its internal connectors. All I can do is monitor the situation at this stage.
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Re: Hot start issue

Postby David Richard » 03 Jul 2021, 06:34

hi freddy ,makes you think with all these non start bikes here why now ,a while back now my z1r ignition played up its only got 12 k on it and i got some electrical cleaner spray called deoxit d 5 and its been fine since i did not want to have to change the lock and have 2 keys it may help ,for years i have just used wd 40, and i also got some lubricant with graphite in it for the tumberlers it feels alot smoother ,these locks look prety well made but it must be posible to get them apart ,david
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