Spark then no spark?

When all the smoke has escaped from inside the wires...

Spark then no spark?

Postby Shedman » 26 Mar 2020, 20:47

So I've changed my ignition switch, harness (loom), switch gears and added new battery, plugs, leads etc....
All of this crap started when my ignition switch crapped out, I replaced the ignition switch with a NOS item and I couldn't get the bike to start, I had ran it up and down the road just before the ignition switch died, it ran fine.
The problem I had was that as soon as I hit the starter button I'd get a spark but then no spark (with plug resting on head), leave it a few seconds, hit the starter I'd get a spark then no spark. Anyone got any ideas? The bike had a US/Canadian loom, switch gears and headlight but I swapped it back to UK electrics and I've got exactly the same problem, spark at first then no spark unless I leave it a few seconds. I have cleaned all of the electrical connectors and stripped the kill switch and cleaned that as well. I have also replaced the clutch switch and cleaned and checked the side stand switch.
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