More ignition problems

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Re: More ignition problems

Postby Freddy » 27 Sep 2020, 05:57

Zrobx1100 wrote:Grey wire gives a 6v signal to the cdi that's what the resistor in the ignition switch does, any more than 6v output the bike thinks it's being hot wired and cuts the spark, had this problem on mine, wired in new resistor fixed the problem

Not quite sure about 6V, mine (both new and old with resistor) put out 10.6V when I recently replaced the ignition switch. But anyhow, that wasn't what I wanted to comment on. If the resistor exists to prevent someone steeling the bike its a pretty lame idea. Anyone wanting to really steal one and knowing the wiring and was prepared could have one started in about 30 seconds?? Just 2 screws pull out the headlight, and plug your own ignition switch with key straight into the wiring loom. Your in business.

The steering lock is really the only true problem to overcome.
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