Carb heater removal

When all the smoke has escaped from inside the wires...

Carb heater removal

Postby sinned53 » 19 Jul 2020, 18:04

My bike is fitted with carb heaters, has any one ever removed them and what dose it entail..
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Re: Carb heater removal

Postby clone5 » 23 Oct 2021, 01:44

I had a set of carb heaters from the ZR7 rack fitted to my Zephyr
There was not issue removing the heaters. There was a sort of small plug style element that poked into either the side of each carb and linked via wires to each other. I can't recall if there were 4 or just 2 but I literally just pulled them out.
The photo shows where they used to be plugged into.
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