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Zephyr 550 gas tank *Price Lowered*

04 Nov 2018, 22:27

I have a 90-92 zr550 California emissions gas tank for sale. It has the extra two ports for the charcoal canister equipment.
This is a spare tank that I bought years ago as a backup for my rusted one but never used so it is time to let it go. It appears to have had the inside acid stripped so I filled it to the brim with gas and let it sit for two weeks and it never leaked. It is very straight and dent/ding free but the primer makes it hard to show that in pics. I can add more pictures upon request.
It comes with the gas ring and petcock but it needs rebuilt.


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Re: Zephyr 550 gas tank

04 Nov 2018, 22:28



Re: Zephyr 550 gas tank *Price Lowered*

04 Jan 2020, 13:43

I realize this is a response to a post that's over a year old and I apologize if this is wasting your time, but is there any chance this ZR550 gas tank is still available? I would be very interested in purchasing if its still available. Thanks, -Dan

Re: Zephyr 550 gas tank *Price Lowered*

20 Mar 2020, 15:53

Oddly enough, the tank is still available.
But I'm replying to a post that is over two months old....so if you are still interested, let me know.


Re: Zephyr 550 gas tank *Price Lowered*

23 Mar 2020, 12:32

Hi, I am still interested in the tank. Its hard for me to tell from the photos, but has the inside been coated or just cleaned? I am in New York, USA. Are you willing to go through the hassles of shipping? If so, let me know the price and what needs to happen for an exchange. Thanks for responding, -Dan

Re: Zephyr 550 gas tank *Price Lowered*

24 Mar 2020, 14:37

Dan, I sent you a Private Message.

Re: Zephyr 550 gas tank *Price Lowered*

24 Mar 2020, 19:17

Thanks, I have responded.

Re: Zephyr 550 gas tank *Price Lowered*

25 Mar 2020, 20:55

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