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1100 carb

19 May 2018, 11:37

has anyone got a no 3 carb body or a set of carbs from a zephyr 1100 that they might be willing to part with for a sensible price, also does anyone know for definite if any other Kawasaki's would have identical carbs

Re: 1100 carb

22 May 2018, 09:23

There's a set on : the German Ebay

Hard to find as its called a vergaser, not carb or carburator :lol:

Re: 1100 carb

22 May 2018, 12:19

yes I have already spoken to them, (I work for bmw and although I don't speak the language many of my friends and colleagues are German and can help with the searching) the reason I have hesitated in buying them is mainly that they come from a 1994 bike and I have checked the chassis number they gave me and it is an A3 model (mines an A1)- I checked the part numbers and it seems that the A1 and the A2 have identical carbs but the A3 has different part numbers also on examining the ebay images I noticed that a lot of the bolts on the carbs are not original and there is one screwed in where there shouldn't be one so I feel the carbs have been "well got at" and as they are going to cost me over £200 I am undecided if I should take a chance on them or wait and hope a more suitable set to comes up

Re: 1100 carb

22 May 2018, 19:30

I would be hesitant as well yes.

Anyway, found another set for 124 Euro at a dutch seller called Motorparts Online
There is however one bowl missing but if yours is still fine you could make ik complete again. Not sure which model this one comes from.

What's wrong with your set btw?

Re: 1100 carb

23 May 2018, 12:34

I have emailed to see if they can give me a better idea of the year/ model that the carbs came from as 1970 to 2012 isn't really that helpful also I cant seem to match the part number that they have quoted to anything. the problem with my carbs is that a little while back my throttle stopped returning back to the stop by itself and at the same time the bike started running on 3 cylinders when I started it from cold, I assumed that new throttle cables were needed so I ordered some and thought that a good carb clean when I fitted the cables would sort it all out, last sat morning I removed the carbs - see images

Re: 1100 carb

23 May 2018, 18:26

What a weird damage location, caused by what I wonder...?

Let me know if you need a hand with translation or something in case that's needed

Re: 1100 carb

24 May 2018, 12:13

s-l16003PM01Q87.jpg (193.53 KiB) Viewed 4268 times
yes its odd how its broken off like that, the bit that's missing is a bit longer than on the other 3 carbs and it doubles up as a peg to hold the throttle cable bracket in the right place as well as being the stop for the throttle return spring so it would have a small amount of tension on it, also as its part of the choke mechanism its hollow. I found an image online of an unbroken one but I still cant see a reason for mine to break

Re: 1100 carb

25 May 2018, 15:12

It must have had a crack from production time onward or this is a serious case of metal fatigue...

Re: 1100 carb

11 Jun 2018, 14:01

so were you able to get a replacement?

Re: 1100 carb

20 Jun 2018, 11:20

no I have not found a replacement yet, so far three sets have come up- one in Germany, one in Holland and one in Poland but with each set there was an issue that made me decide not to buy them. I did a repair on the broken carb so I could carry on using the bike until I find a suitable replacement set and up to now it has been working fine the only minor problem being that one carb wont work on choke but in all fairness the engine seems to start fine on three cylinders
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