ZR750-D1 Carbs

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ZR750-D1 Carbs

Postby David_ZR750-RS » 12 Jun 2018, 15:00

Hi all,

I would like a set of carbs for a 750-D1 as mine need rebuilding and I would like to practice on a set first incase I screw them up. Any standard carbs considered in a set of 4 just as they come off the cylinder head!

I did that once before on a 1200 bandit and it cost a lot of money to get them professionally rebuilt! (D'oh!).


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Re: ZR750-D1 Carbs

Postby Freddy » 12 Jun 2018, 19:18

I've seen sets for sale on E bay previously, but they want a lot of money for them.

When you say they need 'rebuilding', the only difficult thing would be if they needed to be separated because the butterfly shaft bushings need to be replaced. Mine have got over 160,000 kilometers on em and while there is clearly some leakage around the bushing which you can pick up when you sync the carbies, I'm not expecting to replace them any time soon if ever.

So if they don't need to be split, a basic clean is really quite simple. All you need are 4 replacement float bowl gaskets, and access to a compressor and air nozzle. If they are currently running problematic, also buy four new genuine #35 pilot jets.
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