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1100 Speedometer gauge

04 Nov 2019, 17:56

I am slowly giving up the ghost trying to find a speedometer for my 93 1100.
Have tried just about all the usual breakers and plenty more on a county by county basis but not finding one.
Anyone got a spare one or one to sell please? Can be the insides only or with a case, I have a kph one and need to convert bike to mph.



Re: 1100 Speedometer gauge

05 Nov 2019, 06:34

You don't say if the kph one you have is working or not. If it is, why not just change the internal dial face to a mph one (or both mph and kph if available).


If its not working, get it repaired (there are places that specialize in this type of stuff), and in the process they fit the new dial face.

Re: 1100 Speedometer gauge

05 Nov 2019, 21:00

Hi Freddy,

Yes it is a working speedo, just in KPH.

I've been researching this and the needle post where the needle drops to rest at zero is in a different place on the two gauges, MPH and KPH, so I am trying to just drop an MPH straight in to make life a little easier.

Bartlomiej at Venoxy-eu advises the right gauge for my 1100 is 332442565490, but thanks for offering the same chap on E-Bay.

I have ordered a set from him to see how they match up and will post the results for all to see.

As the speedo has become so rare it may help other owners as well.

It seems K didn't use the 1100 speedo in other models as some have the trip zero adjuster in a different place. I would consider a speedo from a different bike and use the mounting case from the 1100 if possible but that in itself is a sod of a job. I was going to drop a ZZR1100 speedo in, but that has a digital trip in the centre of the dash, so if all else fails, I'd do that and blank off the trip zero adjuster hole.

Thanks for responding mate.

Re: 1100 Speedometer gauge

12 Nov 2019, 11:35

Hi all,

I have contacted a company who are going to make a set of dials for my Zephyr1100. :D

They have not done this bike before so will store the templates in event someone else needs some made.

I will post details once the job is done. :)
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