Converted front suspension to run 2.5W fork oil

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Re: Converted front suspension to run 2.5W fork oil

Postby Freddy » 12 Jun 2019, 08:16

750R wrote:Thanx foor the information - i'll try to contact them! will get funny wth my really bad English :lol:
W'll let you know what the answer was.
The spring for the 1100 can be a bit harder - 50kg more weight in the motorcycle (an don't ask for the driver ;) )


The sonic spring calculator would have me (at 95Kg in gear) running a 1.00 Kg/mm front spring on an 1100. I'd certainly be reluctant to go any heavier than that, at least initially.

P.S. after a very long test ride I'd decided to increase the front rebound speed a little by increasing the single rebound hole in each damper rod by one drill size. Currently its 3/32 inch I think. One size larger would have me back pretty close to the original size (but one of the two original holes totally blocked). If the rebound proves to be too fast I can easily slow it back down by going up to 5W oil (or some appropriate mix).
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