Is This The Best :-O

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Is This The Best :-O

Postby Swampy » 24 Sep 2018, 12:04

Well "Is This The Best ???"
Advertised on Fleabay but I have placed it here just in case someone is looking.

It states "Certainly not the cheapest but definitely the best available".

I personally don't think its the best as I have seen others just as good, maybe it should be described as "One of the best" :D

The gold wheels and callipers are not my cup of tea but everyone has their own taste and are entitled to do what they want...

Thoughts :)
Swamps :)
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Re: Is This The Best :-O

Postby grasmere59 » 08 Oct 2018, 16:03

It is nice but it's not original,paying that sort of money i'd want a 100% original bike,just my thoughts.My bike is 100% original and still has all the original laquer on the wheels and casings and only 8k miles on the clock,i'd be tongue in cheek asking the sort of money he's asking even for mine.Perhaps i'm out of touch with Zephyr prices. :?
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