750 C1 Indicators not working

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750 C1 Indicators not working

Postby 71 V12 » 27 Sep 2018, 14:48

Looking for a bit of help. Left my C1 750 outside under a cover for a few weeks only to now find indicators won’t work at all. I have replaced the relay, still no indicators.

I am guessing the problem is probably the switch. All other electrics work fine, just no indicators. Has anyone else experienced this? Can the contacts corrode or wear? Does anyone have experience of repairing an indicator switch and if so what’s envolved.

Many thanks for any advice, cheers Kevin
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Re: 750 C1 Indicators not working

Postby Fishrider » 01 Oct 2018, 22:43

I assume you checked the fuses as well. There could an issue with the switch. Its easy enough to pop off. Just two screws. If its corrosion, just clean off the contacts and your should be good to go. If its a something broken on the switch like some plastic, it may need to be replaced. I took a picture of mine disassembled as I happen to have removed it for my build. You can further remove the switch and get into the switch to inspect any other parts. However, I don't think you can buy the switch separately. The entire control is sold as one unit. You could use an ohm meter and test connections between the switch and the lights or other connections to see if there is a short somewhere.

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