FS: Stu’s Project 750 in Ongoing Project

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FS: Stu’s Project 750 in Ongoing Project

Postby Stu » 25 Jun 2019, 12:30

After 18months or more of procrastination I’ve finally admitted to myself that I’m not going to finish this project. Many reasons, none of which are relevant here, but I just don’t have the time. I’m reducing lots of clutter in my life and this is part of it.

Details of what’s been done are in the Ongoing Project Section – if you’re interested, please read the thread through and see for yourself.

I’ve spent a documented £4000+ on this since I started… and realise I won’t get it back if I sell it as one piece. A quick tot up of major components (most of which are new or fully restored) suggests I might get closerif I break it. It will be sad to break it, there’s a lot of good work gone into it already and not a lot involved in finishing it.

I would prefer to let someone take on the project and finish it. My time is more precious than money at the moment. If you’re interested, please get in touch. Price is very flexible and I won’t refuse a reasonable offer. Whether we’ll agree on what’s reasonable is another matter!

Bike comes with V5 in my name and registration number FYC5T, which I’d love to keep but can’t transfer until it has an MOT. All negotiable.

I’d consider swaps of running motorcycles, possibly a small car, and even offers of payment through Paypal so you can stick it on a credit card!

I’ll leave this here for a week or two before I do anything else.
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Re: FS: Stu’s Project 750 in Ongoing Project

Postby Swampy » 26 Jun 2019, 10:45

Sorry to hear that you need to sell, hoping that you get what you want for it and that the new buyer will obviously get a bargain and a good project to finish of.
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Re: FS: Stu’s Project 750 in Ongoing Project

Postby alanfsz » 29 Jun 2019, 17:20

Someones goner get a beauty
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