Soda but not the drink!

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Soda but not the drink!

Postby GaryBode69 » 23 May 2020, 20:10

As mentioned in another recent post (about carb heaters on my 750C1) I had my carbs cleaned by someone who came on recommendation :roll:
Full inside and outside along with new seals, etc.
On getting them back, I noticed that one of the choke plungers wasn't seating correctly, so removed it to find the port was full of white particles.
I cleaned it through and of course should have been more suspicious than I was, and stripped the carbs...…but didn't :cry:
Last weekend I got the carbs back on the bike and managed to get it started (barely) with fuel coming out of the right hand overflow.
I drained the bowls and as well as fuel lots of the soda particles.
So carbs removed , stripped and cleaned, the soda was everywhere!
Back on the bike today- once the back was warmed up it was running pretty well.
The thing I notice is 2 of the cylinders fire up immediately but two don't, after a few minutes all are running and I can get the choke off and it ticks over nicely.
I let the bike cool and repeated and same situation (based on feeling the downpipes).

Anyone have an immediate thoughts on why only 2 fire up from the off??
thanks as always
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