Long time no see. Hi everyone

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Long time no see. Hi everyone

Postby GPzephyr » 16 Jul 2020, 18:11

Well then. Its been all of 5 years I guess since I last came this way.
The poor Zephyr has sat under a cover at the back of the garage waiting for me to get the time and courage to revisit it. Mainy the latter as things were getting a bit too complex even for me to get a grip of.

Anyhow. I go by GPzephyr, some of you may remember me from the old zone and trips to the Reading meet.
Otherwise just call me Chris.
The GPzephyr moniker came from stuff I did years back. Mainly adding old GPz engine bits to my Zephyr. Anyone remember the six speed gearbox in a 750 with GPz cams?

About 12 year ago. Not sure exactly. I picked up a Kawasaki 750 turbo. Not at all original. So after riding that for a while decided to do an engine transplant into the Zephyr. That went fine. Then came the VFR single sided rear. The ZX7RR front end. The bigger turbo....and so on and on.

Then family stuff and work took over and the poor girl got neglected. Then about 3 years ago started getting back into bikes in a small way as my son got himself a 125. So for the last couple of years I've been playing around with small capacity bikes and each time looking over at the cover the Zeph was hiding under.
Finally a month ago the courage returned and I dusted her off and after reducing the overly complicated electrical system have got her running.
Still lots to do. Brakes are a little tight from sitting. Bit smokey too so wondering if the fuel injectors are a bit dirty. Oil change should help. Paint work is poor. Im pretty sure this list is gonna get larger.

Anyhow. I'll try and stick a picture up in the relevant section after I've had dinner.

Good to be back

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Re: Long time no see. Hi everyone

Postby Eddie » 16 Jul 2020, 22:22

Hi Chris
Welcome back to the zone great too see you still got the old girl, i remember it from the Reading meets. Amazing how many people own their Zephyr's from years back and haven't parted with them (I've still got my 1100 bought in 97!) Quite a few of us from the old site are still on here... some have defected to Facebook!

Keep us posted on your plans for your zephyr and be good to see you at a meet sometime

Cheers eddie
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Re: Long time no see. Hi everyone

Postby GPzephyr » 17 Jul 2020, 20:22

Yay Eddie.
Yes its true. Many of us do keep their Zephyrs a long time. I still remember going to the bike shop with my hard earned cash back in 2003 for mine.
Main plans are to get it roadworthy so I can take the missus out on the back. All the smaller bikes won't fit 2 of us.
Want to remodel the rear end bodywork. Still have the z650 tail as my Zeph one got broke years ago. But need to keep room the some of the electrics. Once its outside I'll be able to take a longer look and decide which way I want to go.
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Re: Long time no see. Hi everyone

Postby Shedman » 18 Jul 2020, 10:06

Hi Chris and welcome back although I've only been here a couple of years myself :D
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