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Improving Front Suspension

24 May 2019, 00:30

I would be interested to hear from members who have successfully improved the front forks of the Zephyr 750. I have tried Hyperpro progressive springs, various oil weights, even sent my forks to Promecha in Melbourne. That was not a pleasant experience dealing with Peter and the result was I think worse than when I sent them to him. Currently I have Racetech springs and 15w oil at 130mm which is somewhat better but had hoped to install the Matris fork cartridges but there is a problem. The preload adjuster sticks out the top of the fork leg and will hit the handle bars unless the adjuster is fully wound in. Webike in Japan tell me my bike must have been modified but it hasn't. I believe all Zephyrs have the same bars. I could fit bar risers but they look ordinary and then the cables will not be long enough.
My other option is to fit Racetech cartridge emulators but the cartridge inserts would be best if they can be made to fit.

Any idea or experience in these matters would be gladly received.

Greg Donald
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