fuel problem with 1 carburettor

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Re: fuel problem with 1 carburettor

Postby Pete » 06 Apr 2021, 13:41

I just posted a picture of my bike If you're interested.
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Re: fuel problem with 1 carburettor

Postby Freddy » 07 Apr 2021, 06:09

Pete wrote:Yep, genuine parts to fit the carby. I was thinking I'd also replace the mixture screws (inc o-ring etc) and the float boat seal.

I was a bit shocked with the price though. The local dealer quoted $60.00 AUD per float valve. I'm thinking that I will shop around a bit.



Partzilla in the US are about the cheapest price for genuine parts. Last time I looked they weren't shipping overseas due to covid (not sure why that makes a difference). Good online site, easy to find what you want, good service. Takes a couple weeks weeks to arrive. If I want something in a hurry I buy it from CMS in Europe, they seem to be able to supply anything. It'll be on your door step in 2? days but the freight isn't cheap.

Can't remember the last time I set foot is a "dealer". Usually have to identify the part for them, only to be told it'll have to come from Japan.
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