Wanted: Zephyr 1100 Frame, Swingarm, and Related Bits

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Wanted: Zephyr 1100 Frame, Swingarm, and Related Bits

Postby Stereordinary » 14 Mar 2023, 03:15

I'm sure this is a long shot, and I'll probably never find it at the right price, but I thought it was worth posting and asking anyway.

I'm interested in purchasing a Zephyr 1100 frame, swingarm, and some of the related bits. Related bits includes the side panel parts where the footpegs mount, rear brake parts, passenger footpegs, and probably some other things I'm not thinking of. Some things I don't need are the fuel tank, side panels, rear tail cowl, front end, wheels, and motor.

You might be reading this and thinking "well gosh Paul, that's weird as heck, what on earth are you doing?" Well the idea is kind of about building my dream bike. I adore the Zephyr 1100 looks, and someone recently gave me a set of body parts, so feels like a fun idea to start a project. But if I'm talking about spending gobs of money and can't just buy a complete Zeph 1100 outright, I might as well build it piece by piece the way I want it. That would include a full upside down fork front end from something like a Z1000, modern-ish 17" wheels, and a different engine in the 800-900cc range. Maybe something liquid-cooled if the radiator isn't too big.

So yeah, oddly specific and probably impossible to find, but you never know right?
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