Wilbers v's Nitron rear shocks

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Wilbers v's Nitron rear shocks

Postby Freddy » 12 Apr 2021, 13:55

A post, just for the sake of it .....
For anyone think of replacing their rear shocks, two available options that are considered quality shock and maintain the original character of the bike (piggybacks) are Wilbers and Nitron. Both are available with rebound and independent hi/low speed compression adjustments. So basically identical in functionality and sort of both around the same price.

Which is better??? Having a set of each (long story) over the past few months I've run each and stay with each till I figured I had them set the best they can perform. Then without changing any setting, did a back to back comparison. And the the winner is .... the Wilbers. WAY easier to find a good setup (never was able to get the Nitrons where I was totally happy), and way easier to adjust (I'd describe the Nitrons as positively difficult to adjust). The Wilbers are just all round better German engineering.
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